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EOSOD Closed

September 4, 2023

Purim Costumes

Character Week

October 23rd-26th

Audience Laughing

Visitors Week

December 11th-14th

Red Fireworks

Spirit Week

March 25th - 28th

Young Ballerinas

23'-24' Season Starts

September 5, 2023

Halloween Pumpkin

EOSOD Closed

October 31, 2023

Christmas Shopping

In-Class Holiday Parties

December 18th-21st

Cherry Blossom

EOSOD Closed

April 1st-7th

Dance class

Bring A Friend Week

September 25-28


Recital Costume Fee Due

November 13, 2023


EOSOD Closed

December 22nd- Jan 2nd


Recital Fee Due

April 15, 2024

Party Balloons

Open House Event

September 30, 2023

Thanksgiving Dinner

EOSOD Closed

November 22nd-26th


Recital Meeting Week

March 18th-21st

Zooming Camera

Recital Photo Week

May 6th-9th

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