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This year, recital photos will be taken during the week at the studio. The full schedule is listed below - please visit the front desk with any questions! 

Monday, May 22, 2023
5:00 “My Boyfriend’s Back” (Beg/Int Acro)
5:30 “The Best is yet to come” (Beg/Int Ballet)
6:15 “500 Miles” (Primary Combo)
6:45 “Swing the Mood” (Beg/Int Tap)
7:15 “Toxic” (Adv Acro)
7:30 “Papa was a Rolling Stone” (Adv Tap)
7:45 “Can Can” (Adv Ballet)

Tuesday, May 23, 2023
5:00 “Chorus Line” (Tiny Dancers)
5:30 “Lose Control” (Hip Hop 7-10)
6:00 “Dance Dance Dance” (Primary Combo)
6:30 “Diva” (Jr. Hip Hop Comp)
7:00 “About that walk” (Hip Hop 9-12)

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
5:00 “Roll over Beethoven” (Creative Movement)
5:30 “Another Cha Cha” (Beg/Int Jazz)
6:00 “Uptown Girl” (Tiny Tots)
6:30 Red and Black (Dance Dynamics/Extreme Team)
7:15 “Creator” (Extreme Team)
7:30 “Bellyache” (Dance Dynamics)
7:45 “River deep” (Dance Dynamics/Extreme Team)
8:00 “Won’t Say I’m in Love” (Dance Dynamics)

Thursday, May 25, 2023

5:00 “Pink Cadillac” (Tiny Tots)
5:30 “Hallelujah” (Beg Lyrical)
6:00 “Fired Up” (Hip Hop 5-8)
6:30 “Bang Bang” (Teen Hip Hop)
6:45 “Original Sin” (Adv Contemporary)
7:00 “Rhapsody In Blue” (Pointe)

7:15 – 8:45:
“Pennywise” (Charisma)
Red and Black (Charisma)
Opening Number (Adv Jazz)
“Weight of Grief” (Charisma)
“Stupid” (Charisma)
“Heavy Cross” (Charisma)
“Come Around” (Charisma)
“The Dance” (Charisma)
“60’s Medley” (Finale)

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