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Evelyn Ott School of Dance Policies & Guidelines

Tuition: Tuition for the 2022-2023 full-year dance program is based on 10 months. September 2022 tuition will be collected at the time of enrollment. Whether the month is short (3 weeks) or long (5 weeks) tuition remains the same.


Tuition Late Fee: Monthly payments are due by the 8th of each month. A late fee of 10% will be applied by the 16th of the month on all past due balances. Late notices will be sent via e-mail. If account balances remain in arrears for more then 1 month, dancers will not be permitted to take classes or perform until balances are paid in full. Communication with the director is always encouraged if financial difficulty arises.


Registration Fee: There is a yearly $25.00 registration fee per family. All registration fees are non-refundable.


Refund Policy: Registration fees are non-refundable. Recital fees and costume payments are at the directors discretion. If Evelyn Ott School of Dance finds it necessary to cancel a class, a make-up class will be offered. All weather related closures will be communicated no later than 12 noon.


Student Class Placement: All classes are based on the students age as of December 31st. A student may select a class in a younger age group, but may not choose a class in an older age group. The director has the final say as to which class(es) students are placed in.


Teacher Communication: We ask that you please not enter the dance class while your student is in class. This disturbs the teacher and interrupts your child's attention in class. We also ask that should you need to speak with your child's teacher, please do so by leaving a message with the front desk. Our class schedule does not allow our teachers time between classes to speak with parents. They will be more than happy to assist you, however, by returning your call after they have finished their classes.

Student Conduct: At Evelyn Ott we pride ourselves on the nurturing and fun atmosphere we create. However, for the safety and enjoyment of all participants, we reserve the right to dismiss any child whose behavior is disruptive, harmful, or otherwise inappropriate.


Dress Code for Dance Class: Coming to class properly dressed is a part of the discipline associated with taking dance class. Dress up, bedroom slippers and slipper socks are not permitted in dance class. Please be aware that we do not allow TIE tap shoes and prefer a buckle or velcro closure. Please refer to the Dress Code included for class specific requirements.


Studio Classrooms: No food, gum, or drinks are allowed in each of our studios. Water bottles with lids are permitted. Only dance shoes are allowed on the studio floors.


Studio Lobby: We are proud of our studio and we ask that you help us in keeping it clean and safe for our students and families.

  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the studio

  • We ask that if you have younger siblings with you while you are waiting for your child's class to begin or end that you please do not allow them to run within the reception area, dressing room, studio's not in use or the Dancetique.

  • Parents are asked to keep students and waiting siblings from aggressive horseplay in the waiting areas.

  • Students should not be performing gymnastics in the waiting area,


Pick-Up & Drop-Off procedures: Students should not be dropped off more than 5 minutes prior to class or be picked up more than 5 minutes after. They must remain inside until a parent or guardian comes in to get them. For safety reasons absolutely no students of any age will be allowed to walk the parking lot without a parent.

Viewing Monitors: Monitors will be on during studio hours with the exception of:

  • 1st two weeks of dance class

  • Event of a substitute teacher

  • Trying on costumes

  • During recital preparation (After February 1st)


Attendance: In the event of an absence please contact the front desk. As a reminder students will benefit the most from classes if their attendance is consistant. If a student will be missing 2 or more consecutive weeks of class, please contact the front desk so that instructors can be updated.


Make-up Classes: There are no refunds for missed classes. These can be made up any time before May in an age appropriate class, even if it's a different style than what the student is taking. Please check with the front desk in advance to verify there is space available.


Inclement Weather Policy: Evelyn Ott School of Dance may adjust the schedule for the evening or cancel classes due to inclement weather. A closure announcement will be posted across social media, and a message available on the studio voicemail. All decisions to close for inclement weather will be made no later than 12 noon.


Photo Release: In agreeing to the outlined policies and guidelines here, you additionally agree to grant permission for our staff members to take photos of students to use in brochures, the studio website, posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials created solely by Evelyn Ott School of Dance. Permission is also hereby granted for the studio to copyright such photographs in its name.


Upon registration completion, you agree to adhere to all EOSOD policies & guidelines outlined here. Violation of the outlined policies & guidelines could lead to termination of enrollment. Termination of enrollment is at the final discretion of the director.

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