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In meeting the demands of students and families for additional performing opportunities beyond the recital each year, EOSOD has created several performing companies to extend dance education to students wishing to pursue to art of Dance more aggressively. The programs offer traveling and non-traveling opportunities, ranging from novice level teams, all the way up to pre-professional training. Check out one of several National & Regional award-winning Evelyn Ott School of Dance Teams!


Our youngest team, the Dancin' Divas & Dudes are intended for our younger students looking for additional performing opportunities during the season. Under the leadership of Vida Edmonds, the Divas/Dudes are only available at our Norfolk location. Students are required to participate in 1 routine during the competition season and are not eligible to perform in solos, duos, or trios. Students will only attend local competitions and are not required to audition for this team. 

Various Hip Hop teams are available at both our Norfolk & Churchland locations. Under the leadership of Jasmine Williams, each team member is required to participate in 1 routine and attend local competitions only. Auditions are not required for our Hip-Hop companies. 

Available exclusively at our Norfolk location students are required to participate in two competition routines. Dance Dynamics members will attend local competitions, and travel to one competition regionally. Students are required to audition and attend both mandatory and optional classes. Students are not eligible to participate in solos, duos, or trios.

Available exclusively at our Norfolk location, this is the gateway to eventual membership of the charisma performing company. Students will perform in two routines throughout the season and attend local competitions, as well as travel to one regionally. Auditions are required for this team. 

The Charisma Performing Company is our professionally tracked training program, preparing dancers for the possibility of a professional performing career.  This is our most advanced training program, exposing students to various styles in competition across the country. Directed by Jayme Otero, this program is available at our Norfolk location only. Students are required to perform 4 routines during the season and are eligible for solos, duos, and trios at the directors' discretion. Students must travel and compete locally. Students will attend several required teacher placed classes during the week & Saturdays. Saturday rehearsals are required.  

*** Teachers reserve the right to schedule a weekend rehearsal for our recreational teams as necessary for preparation for the competition season. All students will be required to perform in a preseason dress rehearsal